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Experience the enchanting beauty of the mallows flower!

The Mallows flower is a popular flower for cultivation in tropical and temperate climates due to its year-round blooming and stunning beauty. It is especially sought after by flower enthusiasts during festive occasions. To ensure a supply of Mallows flower for special occasions and avoid crowds, you can easily grow them from seeds at home.

Characteristics of the Mallows Flower

The Mallows flower, also known as Trimestris Lavatera in English, belongs to the Malvaceae family and originates from Latin. It is commonly grown for ornamental purposes around the house, in decorative pots, or for cut flower arrangements. A cut Mallows flower can remain fresh and vibrant for 7 to 12 days without wilting.

Here are the key characteristics of the Mallows flower:

Stem: The plant has small bushy stems that reach a height of 50 to 60cm. It branches out extensively, forming a wide, round canopy of about 30 to 45cm in diameter.

Flowers: Mallows flowers are large and have delicate, curving petals. They bloom regularly and abundantly, primarily from early summer to mid-autumn.

Colors: The flowers come in various colors, including pink, white, red, and purple. However, the most common and widely cultivated colors are pink and white in our country.

The captivating appearance and vibrant hues of the Mallows flower make it a popular choice for both garden landscaping and indoor decoration. Whether as a standalone plant or part of a floral arrangement, the Mallows flower adds elegance and beauty to any setting.

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